Emergency Management

MU FRTI Emergency Management

The emergency management program offers an extensive array of training opportunities for state and local emergency managers, allied emergency response organizations, public officials, members of volunteer relief organizations, and business and industry professionals in related fields. These training courses provide the skills to build local teams and coalitions that respond to natural and technological disasters. The focus is to build the knowledge and skills needed to develop and implement policies, plans, and procedures to protect life and property through applications of sound emergency management principles in all phases of emergency management.

This program helps develop community resilience and provides services for the entire community related to planning, responding, and mitigating emergency disasters at the local community level. Community outreach, seminars, training, and evaluations provided by the program develop infrastructure and capabilities necessary to handle or mitigate disasters.

Training classes are provided both on-campus and locally at host facilities. Approximately 80% of training sessions are delivered at the local level throughout the state where emergency personnel work and live. More information on specific course accreditation is listed under individual course titles in the courses section of the website.