MU FRTI Winter Fire School is coming February 3-5, 2017.
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Winter Fire School

I Am Honored To Know You: Thank You For Your Service


Presented by Jerry Wells and Andy Allison


Every emergency service professional could tell you about their close call. Whether it was on the fire ground, at a motor vehicle incident, or at a medical emergency. We have all had that one call we remember. That one call, that one step, and we would have been through the floor, or that one step backwards on a motor vehicle incident as a car rushes past.

At Winter Fire School we are offering a class that takes those steps and helps you implement them into your training program. As an added bonus Firefighter Andy Allison will tell his story about his close call. At the age of thirty-one, he had to medically retire from his department after being electrocuted while operating a hose stream at a structure fire. This class will cover several fire service events from the past few years and you will learn something to take back home that could possibly save a life. A firefighter’s life!


I Am Honored To Know You: Thank You For Your Service


In this workshop we will identify the importance and value of interactive line of duty death (LODD) and close call studies and why these types of studies should be an integral part of any fire department training program. The greatest way for our members to honor those who have fallen and/or have experienced a near miss is to study and know their stories, and apply those lessons learned to our daily actions, operating guidelines, and tactics. Their ability to serve others is now dependent on those of us still on the job...Read More
Winter Fire School

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Jerry Wells
Battalion Chief,
Lewisville Fire Department, TX


I still believe that the Fire Service is "the Ultimate Team Sport." For any "Team" to be successful, individual members at all levels must understand their responsibility and be as prepared as they can be to do their part. This is about aptitude and attitude. Again, personal responsibility! All must buy in to a common cause. In our case, duty, honor, discipline, and service....Read More
Winter Fire School
Andy Allison
Lewisville Fire Department, TX


Andy Allison was a Firefighter/Paramedic with the Lewisville, Texas, Fire Department. Andy was electrocuted while on duty fighting a house fire. Andy will speak about his electrocution while operating a hose stream at that structure fire and how he was eventually forced to medically retire at the age of thirty-one.
Winter Fire School

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