MU FRTI Winter Fire School is coming February 3-5, 2017.
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Winter Fire School

Leadership Workshops at Winter Fire School 2017


Leadership: The action of leading a group of people or an organization


Emergency response professionals need to be ready to accept the challenges and conditions that come with their position and be equipped with the skills to lead. You don’t have to be an officer within your organization to develop good leadership skills. Whether you are a firefighter or a chief, everyone needs the skills to lead. Register now for some of the great leadership workshops offered at Winter Fire School.


Nuggets From the Right Seat: From Failure to Excellence


Shannon R Stone
Battalion Chief,
Fort Walton Beach Fire Department, FL


All too often in the fire service we train on the technical aspects of our job, but rarely do we train, teach, coach or mentor our leaders on how to deal with the interpersonal side of our job and to truly lead. This class is designed to give experience proven advice on how a company level officer can strive, reach, and obtain excellence...Read More



Winter Fire School
Back Seat to Front Seat: Successfully Transitioning from Firefighter to Company Officer


Steve Prziborowski
Deputy Chief,
Santa Clara County Fire Department, CA


Are you really aware of what you’re getting into becoming a company officer in today’s world? Going from crew member to being the supervisor, or more appropriately, the designated adult, is not easy...Read More



Winter Fire School
The Ten Laws of Leadership


Alan Joos
Chief of Training,
Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s Office


This workshop will educate attendees what the ten laws of leadership are, where they come from, and how to apply them in their lives as firefighters. These laws can be applied at all levels within the fire department whether a tailboard firefighter or the senior white helmet in the station...Read More



Winter Fire School

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