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Fire Training Survey


Reminder: Please Take Our MO Fire Service Survey


The University of Missouri Fire and Rescue Training Institute (MU FRTI) is assessing the training needs of Missouri's fire service. The information obtained in this survey will assist MU FRTI in planning and development of training initiatives designed to meet identified training needs.


We ask for one response per department, please. It does not matter who completes the survey, however we anticipate that the responses will reflect the views of the administrative or governing body of the department.


The individual participant and fire department information collected will be kept confidential and will not be released or published. The individual/department responses will be grouped with that from other departments. The data will then be used to create an overall picture of fire service demographics related to the whole state and sub regions of the state. The survey will result in a final report that will be made available for use in establishing benchmarks and future priorities for fire service training needs and MU FRTI initiatives to meet those needs. Your department’s participation in this survey is essential to the accurate assessment and the development of a training plan for the fire service.


The survey is composed of five sections that ask specific questions related to your department, certification requirements, experience with MU FRTI, and department general training information. The survey will provide feedback to MU FRTI regarding the existing training programs, and will collect suggestions for potential programs that departments wish to see made available through the Institute.


Special Survey Notes: Your responses are saved and submitted when you click the "Next" or "Done" button on each page of the survey. Your responses are not automatically saved as each question is answered - they are saved and submitted page by page as you progress through the survey. Your survey is complete when you have clicked the "Done" button at the end. We will not have access to the data you have provided until you click the "Done" button. If you must leave the survey before completing it, you can click the "Exit" button in the upper right corner. Your answers should be saved and you should be able to continue from that point upon your return. To return to the survey, you must use the link provided to you in the original email. When you have completed the survey, please click the "Done" button at the end of the survey. If you do not do so, you will need to take the survey again to submit your responses.


To Access The Survey, Please Go To:


The survey is estimated to take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.


Please complete the survey by March 31, 2017.


If you have questions that arise while taking this survey, please contact MU FRTI.


Contact Information:


When sending an email, be sure to include "2017 Survey" in the subject. or call 800-869-3476 or 573-882-4735.


Thank you for participating in our survey, we value your feedback.


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