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31st Annual Winter Fire School - February 10 - 12, 2012

Earn Missouri Division of Fire Safety CEU's

One request MU FRTI gets from emergency responders at Winter Fire School is Missouri Division of Fire Safety CEU's for recertification. At Winter Fire School we are offering 17 classes that have Missouri Division of Fire Safety CEU's. Out of these 17 classes, 10 are new this year at Winter Fire School. Listed below are just a few of the classes offering CEU's. If you would like the full list please go to

805 Street Smart Safety for the Fire Investigator – NEW

Mike Callan, Callan and Co. Ltd

One of the most important functions in any hazmat or fire emergency response is safety of personnel at the scene. Fire scenes and the subsequent investigation have very hazardous conditions. There are many conditions that could endanger fire investigators during the course of their investigation. Fire investigators have a duty to themselves and to others at the scene to protect themselves. Sadly, too often safety is considered late in the incident, or overlooked completely in the frenzy of the emergency response operation. Safety should be the primary focus of the response effort and subsequent investigation. Safety is everyone's responsibility from suppression activities to the fire investigation. This training will provide the fire investigator with important information and techniques to remain safe at the scene. This workshop will examine the hazards at a fire scene and provide students with practical "street smart" tips to evaluate the risk they present. When appropriate the program will identify precautions to reduce the risk for the investigator, such as modifying the conditions and hazards using tactical methods, PPE, and other safety techniques. (DFS CEUs 8-Investigator)

802 Compassion Fatigue – NEW

Edgar Hatcher, Vice-President, Missouri Fire Chaplain Corps

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Compassion fatigue is known by many names; secondary victimization, secondary traumatic stress disorder, vicarious traumatization. It is, simply expressed, the cost of caring. The more intense and personal the care given, the more vulnerable the caregiver is to compassion fatigue. Police, firefighters, EMT's, and other emergency workers are especially vulnerable to compassion fatigue through their constant exposure to the pain and suffering of others. This workshop involves hands on solutions for those working with and around trauma addressing the emotional, psychological, physical, social and spiritual wellbeing of the individual. Attendees will leave with the foundation for a self-care plan to help inoculate them to the deleterious effects of compassion fatigue. (DFS CEUs 4-Investigator, 4-Inspector)

407 Bringing Today's Technology into the Classroom and Beyond – NEW

Frank Lipski BS, FF/EMT-P, Assistant Training Officer, Florissant Valley FD

This workshop will demonstrate ways to integrate many of today's popular media devices into fire service course design and departmental training programs. Topics covered will include, ipad and iphone use in the classroom setting, and how these devices are also being integrated at the staff and company levels within many departments. Participants will also learn about the equipment needed to create their own high quality video or audio podcast. Other topics covered will be; cloud computing, document collaboration techniques, web based calendars, paperless training records, copyright laws, and mobile computing beyond the classroom. This workshop will cover slide presentation design and delivery techniques using multi-platform presentation software.

Note: This class is not specific to any computing platform. We will be covering many portable devices during the class with an emphasis on "newer" equipment and technology. Participants are encouraged to bring any portable devices they may have, but none will be required for this course. When demonstrating software, examples will be given for multiple computing platforms if available. (DFS CEUs 4-Instructor)

420 From Silver To Gold, You're the Boss Now What? – NEW

Todd Farley, Deputy Chief, Central Jackson County Fire Protection District

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Sunday Only

You are a talented, respected firefighter, and are afforded the opportunity to work for outstanding officers and some not so outstanding officers. You have learned a lot along the way and feel you are ready to assume a formal leadership role within your organization. You study, prepare, practice, and complete the promotional testing requirements. After all is said and done, the Chief says you're it, congratulations! You are handed the gold badge and welcomed to the world of fire service leadership, now what? This workshop introduces the challenges of being a new supervisor, providing strategies to successfully lead, manage, and overcome the hurdles of being in this new role. Key topics will be transitional leadership (informal to formal), management at the company officer level, dealing with politics, and the principles of supervision. (DFS CEUs 4-Instructor)

421 Green Building for the Fire Service – NEW

John Shafer, Lieutenant, Greencastle Fire Department (Indiana)

A concentrated examination of current and future trends and methods in green building construction. There will be an emphasis on the green construction building materials, green rating systems, modern building construction methods, risk assessment, engineered structural and construction systems, and their direct relationship on structural firefighting operations, firefighter survivability and the command decision-making process. This workshop will also discuss inherent green construction features and hazards that directly influence effective command risk management, decisive strategic and tactical considerations with a focus on key green construction features, inherent occupancy profiles and modern building construction systems affected by fire dynamics, fire behavior and tactical operations. (DFS CEUs 4-Inspector)

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2012 Equipment Exposition

MU FRTI's Winter Fire School, world-class exhibition will be held at the Holiday Inn Select Expo Center. More than 100 exhibits of the latest emergency response products, services, technologies and solutions will be on display. Get your questions answered by professionals on apparatus, turnout gear, extrication tools and much more.

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