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2012 Missouri Emergency Services Instructor Conference

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The Missouri Emergency Services Instructor Conference is for those preparing and presenting training programs for emergency services personnel, and public fire education. Instructors and other supervisory personnel will find this conference valuable in planning for the training needs of their organizations. Whether you are just starting out or have been involved with training for many years, this conference will be of benefit to you.

Once again this year we will be offering the Pre-Conference Train-the-Trainer workshops on Friday, October 19. The Train-the-Trainer classes are reserved for Certified Instructors recognized by the Missouri Division of Fire Safety. Participants will receive curriculum materials and training that will enable you to deliver the selected classes to your own agency as a MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute Registered Program.

The location for the conference this year will again be the Resort at Port Arrowhead at the Lake of the Ozarks.

Lodging Notice: If you have not made your lodging reservations at the Resort at Port Arrowhead, please do so as soon as possible. Reservations made for the conference will recieve the conference rate as long as rooms are available.

Friday, October 19, 2012
Train-the-Trainer Classes
Electric Vehicle Safety for First Responders

The National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) Electric Vehicle Safety Training Project is providing firefighters and first responders with the information and materials necessary to respond to emergency situations involving electric vehicles. This training will help first responders identify electric vehicles and respond to common hazards. Topics include: myths versus reality with regard to hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) and electric vehicle safety concerns (EV); basic electric concepts and hazards; vehicle systems and safety features; initial response procedures; and, emergency operations. The course provides for student interaction and scenarios to provide expand learning principles established in the course.  (DFS CEUs 8-Instructor)

Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator

This course is designed for individuals who are new to the position of Driver/Operator or anticipate future promotion to that position. In this class students will discuss duties and responsibilities of the Driver/Operator, apparatus maintenance, fire pump theory, pumping apparatus, water supply issues, fire apparatus positioning and deployment. Participants in this class will operate fire apparatus in various situations and both written and practical tests will be given during the course to comply with the objectives of the standard.  (DFS CEUs 8-Instructor)

Recruitment and Retention for Emergency Services Personnel Train-the-Trainer Series

Strategies of Leadership: Recruiting Emergency Service Volunteers

In this class, participants learn how to merge their goals and objectives (more volunteers) with their customer's goals. The workshop assists in identifying the various customers of the department and describes a proven, practical method of informing customers. The ROPE process (Research | Objectives | Program | Evaluation) is used to develop a program to recruit volunteers. Participants leave with an outline of a recruitment plan developed specifically for their community!  (DFS CEUs 4-Instructor)


Strategies of Leadership: Retaining Emergency Service Volunteers

This workshop focuses on the important need to retain existing volunteers. These volunteers, then, become recruiters for future volunteers. To increase retention, 5 tactical approaches are spotlighted. They include: Leadership; Emotional support; Training; Fun; and, Recognition and incentives. Combined with these tactics, recruitment is then organized around organizational, personal and operational considerations. Participants leave with practical, proven ideas to retain their current volunteer cadre.  (DFS CEUs 4-Instructor)

VFIS Safety Series – Train-the-Trainer

Highway Safety for Emergency Responders Train-the-Trainer

In today's' legally accountable" society, simply shutting the roadway down has become an unacceptable practice. This course is designed to provide all emergency responders with a basic knowledge of response and traffic control techniques, so that they may effectively manage the safety of all on-scene personnel and the motoring public. Topics include the need for advanced warning; apparatus positioning and placement; pros and cons of shutting down highways; multi-agency communication, training and coordination; scene lighting; limiting time, personnel and apparatus on the scene; retro-reflective and florescent personal protective equipment; and, innovative fire apparatus safety features.  (DFS CEUs 4-Instructor)


Patient Handling: Preventing Patient Drops!

Every day we are called to scenes involving patient movement from simply putting a patient back in bed, to some of the most complex calls which challenge even the most experienced EMS provider. We have a variety of patient moving devices available to transfer patients from point A to point B safely. Why do we continue to drop patients? This program is intended to make patient care providers more aware of the issues surrounding patient transfer and preventing patient drops.  (DFS CEUs 4-Instructor)

Saturday, October 20 and Sunday October 21, 2012
Conference Workshops

Building Effective Teamwork

Effective teamwork has a direct effect on the success of any fire company. This is obvious for emergency incidents but it also applies to every day station life and our fire service training programs. In an effort to teach successful teamwork and leadership concepts, this program uses one of the most popular sports in this country for comparison...Football! Examples used were taken from the Boise State documentary titled Out of the Blue, A film about life and football from Arts Alliance America. Topics include: win as a team, or die as individuals; trust your teammates; know your teammates – understand how they will react; believe in something larger than yourself; set goals and meet expectations; you must have well defined standards for your team and enforce these standards; and, character traits of your team members. (DFS CEUs 4-Instructor)

Learning From the Experiences of Others

This workshop reviews several case studies using the three accepted research methodologies: chronological; epidemiological; and, dynamic complexity. Chief Halton will explain the value and necessity of each in the process of learning why it seems we continue to repeat the same errors. A New View of Human Error will be presented to improve our ability to learn from the experience of others and the events they encountered.  (DFS CEUs 4-Instructor)

Today's Workplace – A Few Unique Differences

This workshop will discuss the diversity in today’s workplace from the concepts of personal culture and biases, the age generations in the workplace, and personality styles using the Myers-Briggs (MBTI) styles.In order to maintain a healthy work environment, personnel must understand differences in individuals and the implications of biases in the workplace. With this understanding we can then develop ways, through training, to address the challenges of this diverse workforce.  (DFS CEUs 4-Instructor)

Instructor Biographies

Rochelle Burgess Fain

Rochelle is the founder and principal of Innovative Partners in HR & Leadership. She provides all HR activities and leadership training programs for mid-size companies and stand-alone divisions of larger companies. She has over 30 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies, where she was known for her work in employee selection and retention, as well as team building, employee relations, performance management, and leadership development.

Rochelle Burgess-Fain

Bobby Halton

Bobby Halton is a twenty-five year veteran of the fire service. He is the Editor in Chief of Fire Engineering Magazine and Education Director for FDIC, Indianapolis, Bahrain, Cologne, Malaysia and Singapore. Bobby previously served as Fire Chief of the Coppell, Texas Fire Department. Bobby's fire service career began with the United States Forest Service then the Albuquerque (New Mexico) Fire Department where he worked his way up the ranks to the position of Deputy Chief of Operations. Bobby has taught for Bowmac industries, several community colleges, The U.S. State Department's Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program, and Rockhill and Halton Inc.

Jerry Wells

Jerry Wells is a Battalion Chief with the Lewisville, Texas fire department. With 26 years of service, he has served at all levels from Firefighter/Paramedic to Battalion Chief. He is a second generation firefighter and holds a bachelor's degree in emergency management from the University of North Texas. He has been a volunteer in his community and served as an adjunct instructor for Collin County Community College of Fire Science. He is a FDIC instructor and has written articles for Fire Engineering Magazine.

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