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Fire Service Training News

The University of Missouri Fire and Rescue Training Institute publishes a weekly electronic newsletter. The intent of this service is to keep emergency responders aware of what MU FRTI feels is of importance to you. Content of this newsletter may include:

  • Information related directly to activities within MU FRTI
  • Information on a national level that we feel is significant to the emergency response community
  • Updates on open enrollment classes offered by MU FRTI
  • Special announcements based upon significant events

This electronic mail list is designed specifically for information regarding Fire Service Training. The list is intended for the sole purpose of discussing training issues regarding emergency responders and acts as a community group where information and questions can be asked or information posted. It is specifically designed to address the following topics:

  • Information related directly to training the Fire Service
  • Information that individuals feel is significant to the emergency response community
  • Updates on current events that people find relevant to the Fire Service
  • Special announcements posted by individuals related to the Fire Service

Subscribers should anticipate messages on an average of 3 times a month. The MU FRTI email newsletter will be sent in HTML format.

Subscribers should anticipate messages when information becomes available and varies greatly depending on the situation.






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