Funding Available Through the MFA Volunteer Fire Grant

Posted on: 19 September 2019

MFA Incorporated representatives Craig Childs and Pam Hiller present checks to MU FRTI Director Kevin Zumwalt and staff.

The University of Missouri Fire and Rescue Training Institute (MU FRTI) in partnership with MFA Incorporated and CoBank, recently launched the MFA Volunteer Fire Grant. MFA Incorporated has requested that MU FRTI administer the grant process to better serve the fire service of Missouri. The grant focuses on addressing the needs of the Missouri fire service and allocating funds to who will benefit the most. With the available funds, our goal is to award grants to at least one recipient in each of the nine Fire Mutual Aid Regions in Missouri.

MU FRTI Director Kevin Zumwalt acknowledges the importance of the Institute’s partnership with MFA Incorporated and CoBank and is excited to help administer the grant process. The funding provided will further enable emergency responders across Missouri to benefit agencies in need. MU FRTI is excited to be working together with our partners to provide opportunities that best suit the needs of the fire service in Missouri.

We encourage any Missouri volunteer fire department that has a need for funding within the grant guidelines to apply for the MFA Volunteer Fire Grant. The application period for the grant closes on October 31, 2019. Follow the link below and take a moment to read the guidelines required for the application process. It is the goal of MFA Incorporated and MU FRTI to make a positive impact on the fire service across Missouri.

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