MU FRTI Receives Additional State Funding for Fire Training Courses

Posted on: 10 April 2012

The University of Missouri Fire and Rescue Training Institute (MU FRTI) was recently awarded additional funding through the Division of Fire Safety and the Fire Safety Education/Advisory Commission to deliver training courses.  This funding will be utilized to deliver “no-cost” training to firefighters across the state. The training will better prepare firefighters to handle fires and other emergencies in their local communities.

During the FY12 budget planning process, various state fire organizations and agencies, in concert with elected officials, worked diligently to garner additional state fire training funds. They were successful in appropriating an additional $200,000 in the Division of Fire Safety’s (DFS) budget to be dedicated to training in FY12. At the beginning of the fiscal year, the state of the economy and the budget shortfalls caused budgeted general revenue funding for fire training to be withheld. Governor Jay Nixon released the $200,000 in general revenue for state firefighting training after the state experienced economic improvement in March. In response to this, MU FRTI submitted a comprehensive statewide proposal for delivering essential training courses to fire departments through their field extension training program. MU FRTI was awarded a significant portion of the available funding by the Fire Safety Education/Advisory Commission through DFS to support the Institute’s training initiative.

MU FRTI Director, David Hedrick, said, “The Institute is highly appreciative to have received this additional funding support. This funding resource will enable MU FRTI to provide over 60 additional courses that will help fire departments meet their training needs. MU FRTI looks forward to continuing their work with DFS and the Fire Safety Education/Advisory Commission to improve the fire service in the State of Missouri through education and training.”

MU FRTI is an Institute of the University of Missouri Extension and is charged with the responsibility of providing comprehensive continuing professional education training to Missouri’s fire service and emergency response personnel. Last year over 243,000 student instructional hours were delivered in training emergency first responders.