MU Extension Update

Posted on: 2 March 2009

If you read the February 4, 2009 e-news, then you are aware that Gov. Jay Nixon's original proposed budget included a $14.6 million cut for the University of Missouri Extension, which would have amounted to a 50 percent reduction in the organization's state funding. This created concern for what it might mean to MU Extension as a whole, and individual units including MU FRTI. In mid-February, the governor was able to restore $9.3 million to MU Extension for fiscal year 2010.

In response to the news, MU Chancellor Brady Deaton said: "We are very pleased that Gov. Nixon has identified funds to enable MU Extension to be part of the solution to Missouri's economic crisis. We know the millions of citizens across Missouri who have benefited from Extension celebrate this news." Michael Ouart, MU Vice Provost for Extension added: "I echo Chancellor Deaton's message of gratitude to the governor and extend our appreciation to the supporters and customers of MU Extension for their commitment."

I would also like to add my thanks for the support given to MU Extension and the Fire and Rescue Training Institute. We are committed to continuing the Institute's mission of delivering education and training to Missouri's fire and emergency service first responders. As always, we continue to be cost-conscious in providing statewide accessible fire and emergency response training designed to meet the needs of you, our constituents. We will keep you apprised as the University works with the governor and General Assembly in an effort to restore MU Extension's full level of funding based on the FY 2009 budget.

David E. Hedrick, Director 
Fire & Rescue Training Institute 
University of Missouri

Governor Nixon Identifies Surplus State Funds; Recommends Reallocation to University Extension Programs

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