Mobile Computer Classroom

Posted on: 29 July 2008

MU FRTI was successful in obtaining cost support from the University of Missouri - Division of Extension for the purchase of equipment to develop a mobile computer lab. The lab consists of twenty Dell laptop computers with two wireless routers. The equipment enables the Institute to transform an existing classroom or workspace into a electronically enhance learning lab in which to conduct training. "With this computer lab, MU FRTI will be able to better support the new Missouri Emergency Response Information System (MERIS) training, as well as assist in the support of the annual Winter and Summer Fire School's," said David Hedrick, Director of MU FRTI. "In addition, we are looking forward to acquiring simulation software that can assist in our Officer Development program."

The lab is stored in four rugged portable storage cases that can easily be transported to remote locations. For access to the internet, all that is needed is to plug in to a high speed connection on-site with the wireless routers. The computers are pre-set to recognize the routers and the connection is seamless.