Appointment of a New Coordinator

Posted on: 8 October 2007

Director David E. Hedrick of the University of Missouri’s Fire & Rescue Training Institute (MU FRTI) has announced the promotion of Administrative Assistant Gail Hagans-Reynolds to the position of Coordinator at MU FRTI. The MU FRTI is a unit within the Division of Extension at the University and is charged with the responsibility for providing comprehensive continuing education training to Missouri’s fire service and emergency response personnel. MU FRTI delivers over 300,000 student instructional hours of training each year to firefighters and emergency responders.

Ms. Hagans-Reynolds will assume additional selected management responsibility for field extension training along with continued oversight of state training contracts. This appointment is part of an organizational change that is designed to meet the current operational needs, as well as provide for the management of continued growth of the Institute. Regarding Hagans-Reynolds’ appointment to Coordinator, MU FRTI Director Hedrick said, “Gail has been a long time dedicated employee and has a proven record of coordinating field extension training for the Institute. I look forward to Gail’s continued exceptional performance in this new job position.”

Coordinator Hagans-Reynolds began with the University of Missouri full time in 1985. She transferred to MU FRTI in 1989 working in office support positions until 1996 when she was promoted to Administrative Assistant to assist with training records management and field extension contracts. During her emergency service career she has served with CAM-MO Ambulance District and the State Fair Fire Department as an EMT. She has also served as MU FRTI liaison to the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri (FFAM) and Fire Department Safety Officers Association (FDSOA). Gail has coordinated the exhibits for Winter & Summer Fire School for the past ten years. She has worked as a consultant on conference management with several state and national level organizations.