Company Officer Certification Graduates 2004

Posted on: 7 November 2004

Seven students completed the MU FRTI non-credit company officer certificate program in fiscal year 2004. 

"I am very proud of this first group of individuals who completed the program this past year. This required a huge commitment on their part. What is also impressive is they completed the program in only half the allotted time," Gary Wilson, director of MU FRTI, says. 

Those receiving a certificate are:

  • Michael L. Arnhart
    High Ridge Fire Protection District
  • Jeffrey L. Broombaugh
    Rock Community Fire Protection District
  • John H. Callahan
    Southern Platte Fire Protection District
  • Robert L. Creed
    Moberly Fire Department
  • Robert L. Giese
    Florissant Valley Fire Protection District
  • Daniel L. Osborne
    Rock Community Fire Protection District
  • Michael D. Smith
    Moberly Fire Department

They completed 322 hours out of a possible 376 contact hours of instruction. This certificate program exceeds the requirements of Fire Officer I and II according to NFPA 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications. Students have four years from the date of enrollment to complete the program. 

Certificate programs provide a structured delivery of curriculum which has the academic rigor for those individuals who wish to further the professional development without the need or additional expense of college credit. The majority of courses will be evaluated by the American Council on Education, and if appropriate, provide college credit hour recommendations. Further, most of the courses in this program were either developed or are approved by the National Fire Academy.