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Surviving a Line of Duty Death

Winter Fire School


Calvin "Andy" Allison

Lewisville Fire Department, TX

Raised by a Fire Chief, (Calvin) Andy’s passion for the fire service and assisting those in need began at a young age. With a decade in the fire service Andy was medically retired in December 2014 from The City of Lewisville as a result from an on duty injury that occurred on August 6th 2012. During his career Andy served in various areas across North Texas including as a Captain of Pilot Point Fire Department.
Andy has since sought out various outlets to help individuals in the community and to spread his story in hopes that others can avoid the life changing event he has endured. He began public speaking Spring 2015 with his first appearance at the “Keeping Tradition Alive” symposium in Lewisville and is the Keynote Speaker for Heroes of Denton County Annual Gala on 09/11/15. Andy is also a member of the “Heroes In Action” committee working to increase awareness and support for injured members of the Police, Military and Fire Services.

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The excitement of being first-in often outweighs the risk of avoiding danger. As a ten-year firefighter/paramedic the combination of experience and training telling us to put aside our fears to get the job done efficiently and safely is often second nature. Of course, we are all aware of being burned, but hardly do we ever think of the unseen dangers that can so quickly change or end our lives. In August 2012, Andy Allison was performing standard duties before being electrocuted. Now disabled, Allison warns of the danger, raises awareness of the potential severity, and reminds firefighters to train hard in hopes of avoiding such a devastating injury. Participants will investigate a variety of topics including the hardships of recovering mentally and physically, of the support that we have within the fire service, and the personal struggles we face when overcoming life altering injuries. It will be a reminder of the dangers we face, and the strength needed to overcome hardships, and the brotherhood that binds us together.