The First 5 Minutes: Assessing Initial Attack Capabilities

Winter Fire School

Forest Reeder

Fire Chief
Tinley Park Fire Department, IL

Forest Reeder began his fire service career in 1978. He is the fire chief in Tinley Park, Illinois, and proudly leads a team of over 100 dedicated members who provide service to the fourteenth largest suburb in the Chicago metropolitan area. Additionally, Forest is the author of the weekly drill feature at firefighterclosecalls.com and at fireengineering.com. He is the co-author of Fire Service Instructor, Principles and Practices, second edition, published by Jones and Bartlett Learning.

Forest has instructed at FDIC for over eighteen years and trains both locally and nationally on fire service training, safety, and officer development related topics. Several articles on these programs have been published in major trade publications. Forest has served on the board of directors of the ISFSI and has worked in many of the courses and curriculums delivered by the association. Forest holds many Illinois fire service certifications and a Master of Science in Public Safety Administration from Lewis University. He received the ISFSI George D. Post Instructor of the Year at the Fire Department Instructors Conference in 2008.

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  • Start: 8:00 A.M., Saturday, February 2, 2019
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  • Start: 1:30 P.M., Saturday, February 2, 2019
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Ask any company officer or crewmember about the most important time on the fireground and they will say without exception that the first five minutes of an incident are the most important. Our primary goals as firefighters are governed by a sense of purpose to meet very specific tactical objectives. In the first five minutes as the first-due company officer or incident commander you must be able to identify your strategic goals and your tactical objectives. We are going to discuss what needs to be done as engine and truck company assignments in the first five minutes.