The Art of Reading Buildings

Winter Fire School

Dave Dodson

Fire Service Author/Educator, Battalion Chief (RET)
Response Solutions, Thornton, CO

Dave Dodson is a 25-year fire service veteran that started his Fire Service Career with the U.S. Air Force. After the USAF, Dave spent almost seven years as a Fire Officer and Training/Safety Officer for the Parker Fire District in Parker, Colorado. He became the first Career Training Officer for Loveland Fire and Rescue (CO) and rose through the ranks including time as an Engine Officer, Hazmat Technician, Duty Safety Officer, and Emergency Manager for the City. He accepted a Shift Battalion Chief position for the Eagle River Fire District in Colorado before starting his current company, Response Solutions, which is dedicated to teaching firefighter safety and practical incident handling.

Dave is the author of Delmar’s Fire Department Incident Safety Officer and coauthor of Firefighter’s Handbook. He is also the author of Fire Engineering’s Training DVD series The Art of Reading Smoke. He continues to write and deliver classes on firefighter safety and survival issues and first-due officer procedures. Chief Dodson has served as the Chairman of the NFPA 1521 Task Group (Fire Department Safety Officer) and served on the Fire Service Occupational Safety and Health Technical Committee for NFPA. Dave is also a past president of the Fire Department Safety Officer’s Association. In 1997, Dave was chosen as the ISFSI George D. Post Fire Instructor of the Year.

  • SAT AM
  • Start: 8:00 A.M., Saturday, February 2, 2019
  • End: 12:00 P.M., Saturday, February 2, 2019
  • Repeat Delivery
  • SAT PM
  • Start: 1:30 P.M., Saturday, February 2, 2019
  • End: 5:30 P.M., Saturday, February 2, 2019
  • DFS: 4-Incident Safety Officer
  • DFS: 4-Inspector
  • DFS: 4-Investigator
  • DFS: 4-NFPA 1403

Continuing Education Unit (CEU)

Tired of the usual, boring building construction classes? We know it’s an important topic, yet find the classes difficult to choke down. This workshop takes a whole new approach and is designed to provide essential tools and practices for making rapid street-reads on buildings for structural fire, first-due responders, and aid them in rapid decision-making.