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60 Things You Were Never Taught in Firefighter School

Winter Fire School

Gary Ludwig

Fire Chief
Champagne Fire Department, IL

Gary Ludwig currently serves as the Fire Chief of the Champaign (Illinois) Fire Department.  He is a well-known author and lecturer who has 40 years of fire, rescue, and EMS experience, of which 35 were spent in the St. Louis and Memphis fire departments.  Gary has been a paramedic for over 38 years. He previously served on the EMS Executive Board for the International Association of Fire Chief for 22 years, with seven years as Chair.  He is a member of the IAFF EMS Standing Committee and a monthly columnist for Firehouse Magazine.  He has a Master’s degree in Business and Management, and is a licensed paramedic.  He has written over 500 articles for professional publications and has been invited to speak at over 250 professional EMS or fire conferences or seminars.    He is the co-author of several books and is the author ofBlood, Sweat, Tears, and Prayers – Firefighting and EMS in Some of the Toughest Cities in America and Welcome to the Butterbeck School of Mismanagement: The Business School that Creates Terrible Leaders.  In 2014, he was awarded the James O. Page EMS Leadership Award.

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We have all heard the veteran firefighters talk about them. Sometimes, they throw them out in casual conversation or on the scene of an emergency. Those little tricks and tips they have picked up over the many years of their career through experience. The things you were never taught in the academy. Chief Ludwig will step through sixty tips that he has picked up through his own experiences or through working with other seasoned and veteran firefighters during his forty year career. Topics include tips for new recruits, engine company operations, truck company operations, incident command, and EMS calls.