Forty Hour Blended Learning Courses

Winter Fire School

Blended Learning

Time is money and training is expensive. Covering shifts, moving trucks, and lodging can all add up, especially for a forty hour course. Travelling to and from class should not take all your time and be your biggest expense.

This year at Winter Fire School we are offering a limited catalog of blended learning courses. Each of these classes trade a significant portion of travel and classroom time for the convenience of structured, interactive online learning and remote instructor support. Each course schedule is designed to provide effective learning and a positive experience. Some titles require self-paced online studying before coming to class while others meet for a day and then interact online for a set timeframe. All classes are supported by instructors and a MU FRTI staff member, readily available by email and telephone.


Forget 40 hours in a classroom, train on your schedule!


2019 Winter Fire School Forty Hour Blended Learning Courses