Warnings and Requirements

Summer Fire School


Health Warning

The following warning will apply only to programs indicated:

Certain programs presented require significant physical exertion and stamina. Persons with heart, respiratory, or other physical conditions that may be aggravated by this type of exertion, or that may hinder their participation should not participate in the program. Please consult your physician regarding your participation, or the MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute concerning physical requirements of a particular course. If baseline vitals taken prior to physical activity indicate problems, participants may not be allowed to continue with program.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The following requirements will apply only to programs indicated:

Please bring the following gear with you to class: helmet, bunker coat, bunker pants with boots, and gloves that met NFPA standard 1971 at time of purchase.


Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

The following requirements will apply only to programs indicated:

Those participants attending classes that require breathing apparatus should bring the above listed protective clothing and their own pressure-demand type self-contained breathing apparatus and one spare cylinder. All air cylinders must be within hydrostatic date or will not be refilled and should be marked with departmental identification. Breathing apparatus must meet NFPA standard 1981. In addition you must provide a Nomex or PBI protective hood.

Individuals with beards, sideburns or other hair styles that interfere with the proper seal of a breathing apparatus face piece will not be allowed to participate in classes requiring SCBA use.

Note: Protective hoods over beards are not approved.