Summer Fire School

Summer Fire School



May 16-20, 2018

The University of Missouri Fire and Rescue Training Institute (MU FRTI) has announced that in fiscal year 2018, Summer Fire School will be changing locations and dates. The Institute recently celebrated the 85th Anniversary of Summer Fire School in June 2017.

Summer Fire School (SFS) began as a unique gathering of fire service personnel for training and fellowship and first started in 1933. SFS was enabled by a partnership between the fire service of central Missouri and the University of Missouri-Columbia. It was originally called the Summer Fire College and held on the campus of the University in Columbia, MO. The purpose of the "School" was to provide the training that was needed for firefighters to perform their duties safely and efficiently. While many things have changed in the equipment and operational procedures of the fire service since 1933, the mission of the fire service remains the same, to protect life and property. The same can be said of Summer Fire School. The training and educational components that the courses offer have changed over the years to meet the new and ever expanding roles and responsibilities of our states fire and emergency responders. The training goal of the school, however, remains the same, to provide essential training and education to Missouri Firefighters to enable them to better protect themselves and the citizens they serve.

Since 1995, Summer Fire School has been held in Jefferson City, MO, hosted at a variety of locations during its tenure there. MU FRTI is and always will be highly appreciative of the support provided by the leadership and citizens of Jefferson City. The Institute's leadership recognized the important partnership with the Jefferson City Fire Department, and others from the surrounding communities that has enabled SFS each year in Jefferson City.

The Institute went through an in-depth planning process regarding the future of this important event that included reviewing the suggestions of fire school attendees, evaluating costs and logistics, and new training opportunities. Based on the outcomes of that process, MU FRTI will be relocating the Annual Summer Fire School back to Columbia, MO for 2018. In addition to this move, the annual dates for the event will move to a May timeframe. The 2018 SFS will be held May 16-20, 2018. While the classes will be held on the University of Missouri campus during the semester break, practical training will be conducted in partnership with the Columbia Fire Department and the Boone County Fire Protection District at their respective training facilities. The Institute looks forward to this new venue and to developing partnerships that will provide for the continued operation of Summer Fire School.

SFS provides specialized technical training opportunities for over 300 students and instructors through hands-on classes in firefighting and rescue. Firefighters from across Missouri and surrounding states attend the event each year.


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