Mastering the Instructor’s Tools of the Trade: Taming the Learning Environment

Mastering the Instructor’s Tools of the Trade: Taming the Learning Environment

Chuck Baird

Fire Science Technology Program Director
Georgia Piedmont Technical College

Chuck Baird is a twenty-eight year veteran of the fire service, who retired from his department as a captain assigned to a triple company, engine, truck, and rescue in December 2016. He currently serves as the Fire Science Technology Program Director at Georgia Piedmont Technical College in Covington, Georgia. He has served as a training officer over the first twenty years of his career, both as a staff instructor and adjunct instructor. He was the captain of the training division for six years guiding day to day operations and has actively taught firefighters, EMS providers, and the public since 1991. He is a NPQ III Fire and Emergency Services Instructor and Georgia Level III EMS Instructor. He has earned three college degrees including a Masters Degree in Executive Fire Service Leadership from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. Baird is also a graduate of the National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officer Program. He has served as the chairperson for the Metro Atlanta Training Officers Section of the Metro Atlanta Fire Chiefs Association for the past six years. He has taught within local fire and EMS academies, the Georgia Fire Academy, and regional and national conferences, including five years at FDIC.

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When was the last time you honed your instructor knowledge and skills? As firefighters and fire officers we are expected to maintain a high level of proficiency in using the tools of the trade. As instructors, it is paramount that we are masters of the instructor’s tools of the trade. This workshop is designed to provide participants with an opportunity to refine their knowledge and skills of instruction. Return to your department and company better prepared to provide highly effective and successful learning experiences. Participants are encouraged to engage the tools of the instructor creatively and effectively to improve their delivery of instruction. Enroll in this workshop and master these tools of the trade; mastering learning environment dynamics, mastering training aids, mastering the presentation, and mastering the audience.