Instructional Craftsmanship: Beyond the Lecture Method

Instructional Craftsmanship: Beyond the Lecture Method

Phil Jose

Horry County Fire Rescue

Deputy Chief Phillip Jose has thirty years of service with the Seattle Fire Department. He is an Operations Deputy Chief and chairs both the Standard Operating Guideline and the Post Incident Analysis committees. He was Seattle Fire Chief of the Year in 2013. Phil teaches nationally on reading smoke, air management, instructional craftsmanship, and tactical decision making. He has been a FDIC instructor for fourteen years and is a corecipient of the FDIC Tom Brennan Training Achievement Award in 2008. He is the author of Air Management for the Fire Service as well as the train-the-trainer, and Fire Engineering’s, Handbook for Firefighter 1 and 2, and their Bread and Butter video for self contained breathing apparatus.

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Available as an option when attending the weeked conference.


Every aspect of the modern fire service demands a craftsmanship approach. Every day is a learning day. Being a great fire service instructor deserves the same effort. Beyond the course description, the course objectives, and the simple transfer of information, craftsman instructors want to understand how to get students engaged, enthralled, and learning. Nearly a century of work has been done on how to produce better results. Research demonstrates that the lecture method is among the least effective methods for student performance. Come and learn the teaching techniques that provide students the opportunity to understand firefighting. Do you want to take the information available from this era of firefighting research and have students apply that knowledge to the real world? You must go beyond the lecture method. Learn to be a better instructor. Learn to be a teacher. Be a craftsman instructor. Your students deserve nothing less.