Developing Your Department’s Most Valuable Resource for Tomorrow Through Today’s Efforts

Developing Your Department’s Most Valuable Resource for Tomorrow Through Today’s Efforts

Douglas Cline

Horry County Fire Rescue

Chief Doug Cline for the Training and Professional Development Division with Horry County Fire Rescue, is a thirty-eight year fire and emergency services veteran. He is a well-known international speaker and instructor, presenting dynamic, power packed, high intensity programs on leadership, instructor development, officer development, fire ground tactics, rapid intervention team training, and firefighter safety and survival. Cline is a published author of articles, blogs, and textbooks for both the fire service and EMS. As a chief officer he is a distinguished authority of officer development and has traveled internationally delivering programs on leadership and officer development. He has a diverse line of training videos on leadership, rapid intervention team training, vehicle fires, hose line management, emergency vehicle operations and fireground safety and survival.

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Professional development is the planned, progressive and lifelong process of education, training, self-development and experience one gains during their career. In the fire service, professional development is a critical element of being a leader and a professional. When we step up to accept the responsibility of leadership, we also accept an obligation to continue our training, education, learning, personal experience and growth as we strive to improve our effectiveness. Professional development is an excellent tool for meeting that obligation. As fire service organizations, we must strive to provide continuing education and guidance to our most valuable resource, our personnel. A carefully crafted training and professional development plan that meets the specific needs of the organization is essential. This workshop will help develop your skills and improve your ability to create an organizational professional development model for your agency. You do not want to miss this dynamic, high impact session that couples developing a compliant training plan with a professional development model.