Qualifying Courses

Fire Officer Certificate Program

New Fire Officer Certificate Program
MU FRTI will no longer be accepting applications for the current Fire Officer Certificate Program after July 31, 2018. Anyone interested in applying for the Fire Officer Certificate Program who does not have the majority of the coursework completed should wait and apply for the updated version coming this Fall. Any applications received for the current program before July 31, 2018, will be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine if the applicant will be enrolled in the current program or the new updated program this Fall.

Qualifying Course Details

The National Fire Academy's Command and Control of Incident Operations may be substituted for this section.
E = Elective, C = Core
The MU FRTI Fire Service Leadership Enhancement Program (FSLEP) may be substitutes for these courses.

Incident/Emergency Management

Strategy and Tactics

Instructor Preparation

Course Hours ACE Credit E/C
Fire Service Instructor I 24 2 C
Total - Instructor Preparation 24 2  

Leadership and Management

Technical Electives

Course Hours ACE Credit E/C
Principles of Building Construction: Combustible 12 1 E
Principles of Building Construction: Noncombustible 12 1 E
Fire Fighter Safety and Survival 12 0 E
Health and Safety Officer 12 1 E
Incident Safety Officer 12 1 E
Introduction to Fire Inspection Principles and Practices 24 1 E
Total - Technical Electives 84 5  

Total Hours Available

Total Hours ACE Credit E/C
Total 352 24  
Required 322