Trench Rescue: Operations

Trench Rescue: Operations

  • Hours: 16
  • Min/Max Students: 15/30
  • Classroom with seating to handle up to 30 participants. Computer and data projector access.
  • Backhoe with operator
  • Location for digging trenches
  • For detailed information contact MU FRTI

This course is designed to prepare emergency response personnel to initiate rescue operations in nonintersecting trench and excavation emergencies of depths less than 8’. Topics include recognition of the unique hazards associated with trench or excavation emergencies and how to mitigate them with the use of proper resources, scene safety and size-up, identification of collapse patterns, reasons for collapse and potential for secondary collapse, identification of probable victim location and survivability, identification of soil types, and shielding, sloping and benching systems. Students will participate practical exercises in a simulated trench collapse. This class meets requirements of Awareness and Operations Level, of NFPA 1670, Operations and Training for Technical Rescue Incidents, 2014 edition.


Special Requirements

  • Students shall provide NFPA 1951 compliant garments, helmet, gloves, eye protection and footwear.

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