Confined Space Rescue: Technician

Confined Space Rescue: Technician

  • Hours: 24
  • Min/Max Students: 15/30
  • Classroom for 24 with computer and data projector access
  • A training area able to run two (2) simultaneous evolutions:
    • Vertical Evacuation
    • Horizontal Evacuation
  • Vertical evolution examples:
    • Tank or manhole with a non-hazardous atmosphere
    • Opening to be 24-36” in diameter and depth no greater than ±30’
    • Scaffolding with platform and opening of 24-36” in diameter, with a height of no less than 10’ and no greater than 20’
  • Horizontal evolution examples:
    • Culvert pipe, 36" and 24”, laid on ground and stabilized
    • Two sections of 36" and one section of 24”, configured in an “L” shape
    • Pre-existing tunnel or piping with a non-hazardous atmosphere, with size restriction to no less than 24” in diameter. Prefer to have a right angle incorporated.

This course is designed to give participants working knowledge of the OSHA standard to facilitate operations with industry and other agencies involved with confined space rescues. Participants can expect to learn concepts and practical applications that will affect safe rescues in this unique and potentially hazardous situation. Class meets 29 CFR 1910.146 requirements, as well as, NFPA 1006, Standard for Rescue Technician Professional Qualifications, 2003 Edition.


This Course is G & T Approved


Special Requirements

  • Participants should bring helmet and gloves. (NFPA 1983, compliant personal harnesses may be used at the discretion of the instructors.) Please assure that all equipment is sufficiently marked for ownership.

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Confined Space Rescue Confined Space Rescue Confined Space Rescue Confined Space Rescue