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List of Courses

Due to the dynamic change in funding for Firefighter training all courses may be eligible for funding from either contracts or grants. In the absence of either contracts or grants all courses in this catalog can still be provided, but a fee will be required. Contact your Regional Training Coordinator or MU FRTI for more information regarding course fees.

Aircraft Firefighting

The Aircraft Firefighting courses in this section provide an opportunity for airport firefighters to "Train as They'll Fight." Courses meet FAA and NFPA standards and are designed for airport firefighters as well as non-airport firefighters who may be the first responder to aircraft incidents.


In 2003, twenty percent of firefighter fatalities involved responding/returning to the scene in emergency vehicles. The courses in this section are designed to improve vehicle driver safety and increase efficiency in operating pumpers, aerials and using mobile water supply operations.

Chief Officer

This section includes courses targeted for chief officers. Some courses were designed to be continuing education for executive fire officer graduates, while other courses help chief officers manage in their organization to meet the dynamic changes facing the fire service.

Company Officer

No other rank of the fire service has as much impact on new firefighters as the company officer. This section provides courses to prepare firefighters in being company officers or for those who are currently company officers provides a continuing education menu of courses to improve their officer skills.

Counter Terrorism

Making sure that first responders are properly trained to respond to WMD incidents is the focus of this section. Courses include awareness to technician level responses.

Emergency Management

Having the knowledge to handle disasters, while maintaining continuity is the purpose of courses in this section. Courses range from business contingency planning to training of civilians to handle disasters in their neighborhoods until emergency response personnel can arrive.

Emergency Medical Services

MU FRTI is the single largest provider of EMS continuing education units and the courses in this section are just a fraction of courses in the catalog that can be used for EMT and Paramedic continuing education requirements. This section can also prepare those individuals who do not wish to achieve EMT certification with the necessary skills needed at the First Responder level.

Hazardous Materials

Whether in a terrorism incident or by accident, courses in this section provide a large range of courses to prepare responders from the awareness level to technician and to handle one of the state's most serious responses, methamphetamine drug labs.

Instructor Training

The cornerstone of any organization starts at the training division, but for successful training programs one must have quality instructors. This section provides the necessary courses to give individuals the knowledge and skills necessary to be a successful instructor.

Suppression and Firefighter Safety

While the number of fire responses have been dwindling in many departments the need to maintain the necessary skills for suppression is critical. On the average 100 firefighters are killed each year in the line-of-duty. Courses in this section help identify building construction considerations, improve firefighter safety and provide confidence in interior structure fire evolutions.

Technical Rescue

Besides EMS response, for many departments technical rescues is the second largest percentage of calls for fire departments. With the wide realm of rescues needed by today's firefighters, this section contains courses that meet NFPA 1670 and NFPA 1006 national standards for technical rescue. Many of the courses in this section are in final development or revision check website for more information.

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