New Fire Chief III: Contemporary Issues

New Fire Chief III: Contemporary Issues

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  • Hours: 12
  • Min/Max Students: 15/35

It is recommended that participants complete the following courses prior to taking New Fire Chief III: Contemporary Issues:

  • None
  • This course curriculum is developed and maintained by the National Fire Academy and is delivered in compliance with the standards of the National Fire Academy off-campus program. Courses are registered and approved through the Missouri Division of Fire Safety as the NFA State Training Partner. Upon successful completion of this course participants will receive a National Fire Academy certificate of completion.

U.S. National Fire Academy (NFA)

This course will develop the managerial skills, leadership skills, and contemporary issues and awareness necessary for new or newly appointed or elected fire chiefs to effectively meet their obligations. The course will help to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for them to perform effectively now and in the future.